Agricultural & Forestry
Agricultural & Forestry

Agricultural and Forestry business traveling has been for years an outstanding way to introduce diverse selection of global farming systems and techniques to variety of clients.


Former communist countries as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland or Serbia are still undergoing a lot of changes leading to successful economic growth. Both Agriculture and Forestry play a significant role in their domestic economies. Forestry in the Czech Republic is typical for its enormous diversity and rich history with the first Forest Law adopted already by Maria Theresa, the Austrian empress. Our tours are an excellent opportunity to explore the intriguing agriculture and forestry in these countries and a great chance to visit the local farmers, learn about farming techniques, development or even to find new trading partners. As a proud member of ATOI (Agricultural Tour Operator International) with very rich agricultural background with thousands of satisfied clients, we are encouraged to keep our excellent level of services and welcome new clients to our tours.


Our goal is to provide not only sensibly priced, highly professional tour service of and excellent quality for agriculture and forestry oriented groups of any size, but also to handle every detail in a very personnel, friendly way. It is also possible to combine Agricultural and Forestry technical tours with the sightseeing of the most tourist attractions including Prague or any UNESCO sites. We are offering a complete incoming package including business meetings, technical visits in agriculture, the food processing industry, or forestry. We can provide airport-to-airport transport and skilled interpreters. Accommodation and board could be adjusted to suit everyone’s budget. Foreign language speaking guides with agricultural background are guaranteed. 


 You come as a client, leave as a friend








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