Why travel to Eastern Europe


So, why Eastern Europe?

Simply… because it’s a fascinating place possessing great history, an inspiring culture and a diverse nature that has so much to show off. Eastern Europe is not just a place from behind the Iron Curtain. It’s a special place possessing vast diversity in languages, cultures, ethnicities and histories, all of those are making it a highly desirable travel destination hiding breathtaking nature treasures.


With its energetic modern cities dominated by well-preserved architectural monuments like Prague, Budapest or Krakow - the European version of city that never sleeps; lovely little medieval towns like the ‘fairy tale’ town of Cesky Krumlov, cozy villages hidden among magnificent splendid mountains where humans still live in a harmony with a nature, picturesque landscapes, hospitable people and delicious food, it really has a great tourist potential. The vast diversity in all spheres mirrors in an everyday life. Each country with its own language, folklore, food and tastes contributes something resulting in its colors and uniqueness.


Still vaguely undiscovered, absolutely authentic, immersed in timeless tranquility; spectacular mountains’ views trimmed with marvelous painted monasteries; abundant flora and fauna, mix of natural beauties – full of meadows, pastures, diverse forests, glacier lakes or magnificent waterfalls; unrepeatable countryside; rolling green hills, and magnificent landscapes; traditional folk music and crafts, stunning castles perching proudly on the hills would take you back in time. Not so crowded, yet inspiring, easily rivaling any of the world sites, offering something as a bonus – an unbeatable atmosphere and spirit of the past. 


Eastern Europe is a hot candidate for your lifetime experience, your once-in-a-lifetime chance to be taken to a different world 


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