Heritage & Family Tree



(Heritage, Family Tree, Genealogy Walking Tours) 




·      Tours designed for your Family History research

·         Located in Central and Eastern Europe

·         Exactly what you want and when

·         Not exceeding your time and budget

·         Absolutely hassle-free, just to pack up, relax, and enjoy



If you are working on your family history research, looking for your family roots, or just want to visit hometowns of your ancestors, this tour would be the best opportunity to combine your research with walking, adventure and visits of some famous places. Central and Eastern European countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, or Romania are the cradle of thousands of emigrants and this tour can show you around and introduce to the secret places breathing with history. No story would be complete without this journey. Tracing the pathways, tasting the food, experiencing the culture – use all of your senses to perceive the past and find out where you come from.

If you wish to visit a particular village, we will do our best to prepare the itinerary that suits your needs.



ETOURS has years of experience at organizing tailor-made tours. Our expert consultants will be pleased to organize the most suitable program to suit your interests, time and budget. We will provide a tailor-made itinerary for your Family Group: a great mixture of cultural and outdoor activities, lodgings in château-style hotels, walking and/or cycling through charming landscapes, discovering unknown cultures and indulging in foreign cuisines. Your Private Group can visit exquisite European cities such as Prague, Vienna, and Krakow; meanwhile, this cultural experience can be combined with walking or cycling in famous Central European national parks, visiting ancient castles, picturesque little towns lined with enchanting Renaissance and Baroque houses, or villages built in the peasant Baroque style. We will make all the ground arrangements, starting with pre-trip information for each participant; flawless organization of your trip, including the hotel reservations; catering; guiding services; transportation, etc.; to an unforgettable farewell dinner. We will make sure that the Family tour will be tailored specifically to your requirements and needs, resulting in the vacation of a lifetime.




The price of your Family tour is calculated very carefully and precisely. The final price is based on the services you choose and on the number of participants. The price per person is usually lower than the one for individual travelers. Price calculations will be sent to you with the Private Tour Contract for review, signature, and return to ETOURS TRAVEL with the required deposit.








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