(Grandparents and grandchildren)



The best childhood memories have usually some connection with grandparents and spending time with them. So why not to bring your grandson or granddaughter with you and share these precious lifetime moments? Talking relations, it doesn’t really matter where you come from or what you do for living. The only thing that matters is your passion for spending time with your beloved ones. So why not with our walking tours? Our tours in Central Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Austria) would bring not only an exceptional opportunity to discover the hidden natural beauties, explore new places, taste new food, or unite with new pals. On the first place, they’re designed to cultivate your love, to get even closer, and create a lot of new memories of those magical moments.


The itineraries will be designed exactly according to your wishes and requirements. To suit your taste and budget. The program will be adjusted to your walking experience. No matter what you prefer, we have it all: tiny medieval villages with their unrepeatable beauty, charming chateaus and castles with their fabulous gardens and parks, cultural and historical gems, splendid mountain areas with glorious landscapes, flowery meadows inviting you to stay for a picnic lunch, or magical lakes surrounded by fairy-tale hills.

Don’t wait any longer, now it’s the right time as tomorrow might be too late.



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