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We present these complete income package services to our clients (both groups and individuals) in their best and natural form, and handle them in the most professional manner to suit everyone’s needs. Our vision is to provide a rewarding experience that surpasses our multicultural client´s expectations.


Who is our client? Worldwide tour operators, universities and schools, various societies and educational bodies as well as the families, or individual travelers speaking many different languages. Our special interest tours are led by top experts in their field who apply their knowledge, experience and personality to ensure the high standard and originality of our tours. Costs of our tours depend on the quality of the used facilities which are carefully chosen to suit any group individual requirements, whether highly technical or general interest, or low-budget to up-market. If you send us the details of your requirements, we will provide you with a detailed itinerary and quotation.


ETOURS Travel history is dating back to 1991. It was established by Jiri Mikulec, an agricultural graduate (the Agricultural University of Brno) who used to work as an agronomist at a typical communist cooperative farm. After the Czechoslovak Velvet revolution in November 1989, he took the opportunity and started travelling across Western Europe to enjoy his biggest passions: birding and hiking. Many of the people he had met asked him to organize the trips to Czechoslovakia. As soon as was possible to set up a private enterprise after the fall of communism in 1991, Jiri took a chance and established ETOURS as his private company. Later, in 2006, it was transformed to a limited company. Very first ETOURS´ groups were British farmers and Dutch birders in spring of 1991.

ETOURS Travel head office is situated in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, in a nice small historical town of Uherske Hradiste (in medieval times, the town was an important fortress at the border of Czech Kingdom and Hungary). Our closest large city is Vienna, reachable in relaxing 2 hour drive. Distance to Prague, Budapest or Krakow is about the same: about 300 kilometers. Jiri has four kids and likes to travel with them into not yet discovered parts of Europe as Ukraine, Romania or Albania. Jiri speaks English, Russian, Polish and German. Apart from travelling, he likes birding and photography.

Recently ETOURS Travel has been operating in more and more Eastern European countries, offering unusual special interest trips and experiences. The most popular are agricultural study tours, cultural & walking tours and birding tours.




  • Agricultural Study Tours
  • Walking/Biking and Cultural Educational Tours
  • Natural History Study Tours: Birdwatching, Bear Observations, Botany
  • Photo tours



During the whole history ETOURS has held the same philosophy: to provide an exciting and authentic Eastern Europe travel experience.







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